Saturday, April 25, 2009
Ah, my first bloooog! (: hm, this seems fun. recording your day, and everything and anything that's interesting; feelings, thoughts, and ideas. ~ Boring day today. Pretty much the average weekend. I woke up, and ate eggs with rice and adobo. Haha, deeelish.? (: Mama asked if we wanted to go to Polo Park, and my response, as usual, was yes... of course. Ha. So, we went there, and tediously, we walked around with our grandparents. LOL. To me, that seems .. somewhat embarrassing, no? I was 'itching' to go to a store called L'Attitude, but mama didn't notice, and I didn't bother to say anything. I would probably ask mom to go there with me later, anyway (: I find it hard to shop with mama, for some reason. haha. due to that, i didn't buy anything, even though i thought i would. moreover, my mom gave me her credit card, too. 50 each, for me and my sibling. ~ blah, blah, blah. boooring. noone would probably really be interested in a random person's blog - someone who just writes about their day ... dig deeep - but, i believe i'm writing this for my own benefit. my future preference is writing... currently. but, there's a long path ahead of me, full of twists and turns, and dead ends? i don't know which way should be taken, which turn should be made .. i mean, with the variety of paths which will lead me to where i should be, i don't know where i should be standing. even though i'm young, and an adolescent, i think about it constantly. there's only a few years, and in my opinion, it's more beneficial, to think about it right now. time is precious, y'know? (: i have many hobbies, but writing makes me feel the... warmest. writing is a special privilege to me. it lets you express your feelings, and turns the world into something of your own imagination, it lets others experience another world, lets people see from another point of view, it inspires, creates, and to me, it seems like you can do anything. become who you want, see what you want to see, and be in a world of your own happiness and desire. it's full of everything, as i see it.

some people hate writing, and i don't understand why. ;) sometimes, they don't fully understand it's meaning, and don't interpret things the way i do. i understand that - everyone is different. I haven't even understood it's meaning, but on the road to it, instead. i'm quite pleased with that. i want to learn more about writing, because right now, i think my sister knows more than me! her teacher teaches her more, as opposed to my teacher, who simply blabs, and requests reading all the time. i don't get it. for those like me, who love writing, my teacher doesn't teach us anything about it. all i've learned so far, is about settings, plot, etc. yet, we haven't really gotten into further details. ~ my family comments on the stories i've written, saying that they are beautiful. yet, i don't know if it is the truth, or if it's an obligation to them, something they need to say. although iit's nice to hear it, it's not quite what i wanted. i wanted constructive criticism, to know what i needed to fix, and know what i had already gotten down, as of now.
p.s. i do not own that photo, nor did i take it, or do anything to it. i simply found it on the amazing gooogle (:


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